Key Features

Each local Funding Information Portal offers a range of online information and search tools that enable local organisations to find relevant funding sources. In addition, Councils are able to add local content to the Funding Information Portal thereby ensuring that local organisations have the complete picture on the funding available to them. Each local Funding Information Portal features:

Searchable Grants Database

Users are easily able to search for grants using an interactive and intuitive grants database. Searches for grants can be undertaken using key words or can be filtered using specific grant categories (e.g Education, Business Development, Community Development, Rural Development, etc).

Grants Directory

Users can browse for grants by using the online grants directory. This enables users to interrogate the directory using the "drill down" approach until the user has identified relevant funding sources. Both the Grants Database and the Grants Directory provides information on grants from:



Local Funding Sources

Local Authorities are able to add their own grants and those of other local funding sources (Community Foundations, Learning and Skills Councils, local Grant Making Trusts, etc) to the Funding Information Portal, thereby ensuring that local organisations and enterprises have a complete picture on the funding available to them.

Latest News on Funding Opportunities

Each grants information portal features a constantly updated news section. This provides the latest information on National, Regional and Local funding opportunities. Grants4. info is unique in that it allows Local Authorities to add local funding news items to their own portal. So, whether you are looking for applications to your Council's grant programmes or you are running funding workshops, Grants4 will allow you to publicise these through your funding portal.


Subscription Costs - £999 + VAT 

Each subscription is valid for 12 months and includes a Local Funding Portal as well as a 5 user subscription to our main Grants Online service.

If you wish to subscribe please email us at or call on 01202 823595